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More of the Dragon Age!

Posted by deckard47 on April 14, 2008

I was attempting to not work, as is my wont, and over on 1up I found this piece they did on Dragon Age, back in 2007. It’s nice and long, and covers stuff I didn’t put in my last post. If any of you care about this game and read 1up, you may already have read this, for the rest of you, check it out. I’ve included some of the more interesting (to me) bits in the post, so read on:

“Remember the cave troll fight in The Fellowship of the Ring? That’s what our large creature combat is going to be like. You’ve got the party guys running out, one guy jumping up on the back and stabbing, the other guy ducking between the legs.”

Then there’s this:

We wanted to make a living, breathing world that actually had a realistic feel to it. If people actually had magic, how would they react to it? If someone could walk into a room and point a finger and turn you into a fireball, this isn’t something anyone would take casually. If this were history, and we had these situations with magic and monsters and creatures, how would this work out?”

And the amusing one, my favorite:

In Mass Effect, they’re going for a 24-ish, modern type of dialogue. The language is much richer in texture in a fantasy game.

So, from the article, we know that:

  1. It’s going to be exploration KOTOR style (over the shoulder), combat BGII style (yes!)
  2. We’re going to have Mass Effect style dialogue trees, plotting and delivery (yes again!), but with flowery old-timey fantasy talk (for me, very exciting)
  3. A gritty, Witcher-style feel and look, without the creepy sex and weird acting and voice-overs.
  4. Dynamic, real-looking combat, for small and large targets, with real-time/turn-based pause combat and threee other party members (all excellent).
  5. Finally, one goody-two-shoes PC who sounds suspiciously like Carth Onasi (10 bucks on this one).

All in all, I can’t wait. Oh wait, it’s only for the PC. Bioware, I have a Macbook Pro. Please, release this for consoles. Please.


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