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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

Impressions: Curiosity!

Posted by deckard47 on April 10, 2008

Fired up Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village tonight, and then played about an hour of it. It truly is amazing how beautiful this game is. I mean, the animation is really impressive, like TV show impressive. I was favorably reminded of how much I liked the Monkey Island 3 animation. As for the puzzles, they are very difficult, and as pointed out by Penny Arcade, every single damn towns-person wants you to coral their hogs in sequential order or some crazy shit. But it’s very fun. I would recommend it, if just for its weirdly endearing tone and sound.

Aside from that, trying to play some Halo 3, and failing. I’ve really been stuck in Oblivion for a while now (I went ahead and built a mage, she’s progressing slowly), and Halo 3 is just to frantic (plus I’m reminded that in the world of Halo 3, I am le suck. Oblivion really makes me wish for the next offering from Bethesda, a certain Fallout sequel, because for all I say about them, Oblivion is a pretty fun game. If the can give their world some character, I’ll be happy. Oh, and make it so I can aim at long range. The bows in Oblivion… not so great.

Finally, I realize that I claimed I would have a “Not Video Games” section regularly. That was a lie. I will try to, soon, after the finals craze is over. I have some other ideas, other stuff I can implement here on the site, we’ll see how it works out. For now, adios.


One Response to “Impressions: Curiosity!”

  1. Sam said

    You know one thing that the apartment next year will be good for: Carcassone. Stretching from kitchen to living room: giant tracts of farm and river. And other not-video games.

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