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El Scorcho!

Posted by deckard47 on February 18, 2008

In very important news, “El Scorcho” just got confirmed as one of this week’s new Rock Band DLC songs (along with  “Sex TypeThing,” Whatever…). YES! Also, Garbage’s “Why do you love me?” is the third song. This is excellent, because there really aren’t enough songs by women up on the Rock Band list. Also, my friends really want to hear me sing in that seksy Garbage voice. Samuel, when you come see me, we wil play El Scorcho, and it will rock. Oh, and I thought that old Rivers looked a little bored in that El Scorcho video, but then I checked these others. Um, he is like Kevin Bacon’s face, he never changes. Maybe it’s all that angst and enoui he has to deal with? Tough life.


One Response to “El Scorcho!”

  1. Sam said

    I know _all_ the lyrics to that song: watchin grunge drop new jack through a press table….

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