Delayed Responsibility

I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

I Am Happy

Posted by deckard47 on February 13, 2008

This is very important. Stop what you are doing and listen: there will be another KOTOR. I know, you can barely contain your excitement. Best of all? It is being made by Bioware. Now I love Obsidian, and they did some nice things with KOTOR and NWN, but they have proved that they put out really interesting yet unpollished and annoying work. I absolutely loved the plot and characters in KOTOR II, I thought they blew away what the first game had to offer. It was just rushed, is all. All of this means that KOTOR is back in the right hands, and along with Dragon Age and Jade Empire II, Bioware is set to dominate story driven Western RPGs for a long time. Sweet.


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