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I win and lose

Posted by deckard47 on February 11, 2008

Today for the first time in about 5 years I played a Halo game extensively. The last time was in Junior year of High School, I think, and Taylor and I played through the campaign about a3 times on co-op. There was also of course extensive splitscreen multiplayer, I think we played Halo more than we played Goldeneye. Crazy. Anyway, this was a really interesting experience. It made me realize a few things. First, Halo 3 is a much better game than the first one, in many ways. Second, the graphics grow in you, I really appreciate what Bungie did with this game, and it took me a month to see it. Third, I hate Halo 3 multiplayer people. Hate.

Let me explain. First off, the gameplay has evolved in many ways, but they’ve kept what really made me like the first one. This means bonking, mostly, but also the low-gravity “real” physics fealing that always attracted me to the first one. Aside from that, everything is new. There are those little droppy-shields, dual-wielding (which sucked in number 2, by the way), carjacking, new grenades, new maps, new bouncers, lifts and such. The thing that I kept on thinking about was how much better it was than UT3. Which is strange, because the UT series has been a comforting and enjoyable bit of fluff that I have loved from its first release.

This point kind of feeds in with my second point. Despite the fact that the graphics of UT3 are in some ways superior to Halo 3’s, Halo 3 impresses me so much more. The world and graphics of Halo 3 are just so much more tangible than UT3’s. Playing UT3 is like watching something horrid, flashy and completely lacking in substance, like 300. Halo 3, on the other hand, is thorough, fine-tuned (to an amazng degree), and full of more content than you could imagine. Um, like some movie that matches that description. Whatever, the point is, you may not think that the Theater, the Forge, the Photo capabilities, and all of the other multiplayer options matter, but they do. I know that a lot of people on the interwebs are already saying this, but when you realize how good the game looks considering its scope and depth, you realize what an achievement it is. This games is as fun and exciting as COD4, but in a different way. Yes, the single player campaign makes me laugh. I mean, those voice overs from Cortana? What? It’s so… epic. So ostentatiously heavy and epic, and yet all is forgiven when you get a little Team Slayer going.

Third and last point. Those 12 year olds I was playing against? SHUT UP. Now. Don’t ask why, don’t tell me I’m gay ’cause I don’t want to skip Snowbound (which Rocks!), don’t tell everyone else how you like your bitches. Please. Just go choke on the bullshit welling up out of your mouth. Let me play my very fun game in peace, with the other people who have brains. Oh, and the same goes for the 23 year old guys who goad them by killing them and then saying over and over “I killed you.”

I got sidetracked there. Here is what’s important. If you have a 360, go buy Halo 3, friend me on Live, and we’ll kick some ass. But go easy on me.


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