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I wants me some Dragon Age

Posted by deckard47 on January 31, 2008

Now, I know that you know that I might possibly do really dumb shit if the people at Bioware asked me to. I love them, and by dumb, I mean mild dumb, like eat ketchup-flavored ice cream, or let my disgusting cat (R.I.P. disgusting cat) lick my face. Anyway, I liked the idea of Dragon Age, when I heard of it first, but haven’t thought about it since. Well, it just so happens that today I have difficile assignments to finish, and I wandered over to Bioware’s page. Check it out:

“Your adventures will take you across the kingdom of Ferelden. Explore blood-soaked battlefields, ancient forests and intriguing urban settings. Resist the corrupting power of magic as you discover the abandoned wizard’s tower; then descend into the halls of a dwarven kingdom. But beware! Dwarven politics may prove as deadly as their blades. This is a world as real as our own, but where the dark allure of magic ultimately shapes every facet of society. It is a world where willpower and cunning can claim a kingdom!

Explore Dragon Age through a deep, cinematic storyline. Choose how you interact with the other inhabitants of the world: your interactions will influence how this immersive world changes in reaction to larger-than-life world events. Build a party of unforgettable companions you can befriend, romance, or simply exploit. Engage in tactically challenging, party-based combat against a cast of diverse opponents. In Dragon Age you will uncover hidden magic, battle horrific creatures, and challenge power-hungry nobles.”

Does that sound awesome or what? I really just want to see Mass Effect meets Baldur’s Gate here, except without the “exploration” of planets that look like Bryce 3d was employed in their creation.¬†Seriously, Bioware, remember how unique each area in Baldur’s Gate 2 was? Remember? Let me Medieval-Commander Shepard all over a beautifully rendered version of that kind of creative landscape.


2 Responses to “I wants me some Dragon Age”

  1. Sam said

    Like the sound of this. What platform?

  2. deckard47 said

    It may be PC only, sadly. Then again, that is what Bioware said before they were eaten up by EA. Now? Could be a PC/360 (or even PS3) multiplatform release. Rockin.

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