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Fallout 3 or Space Siege?

Posted by deckard47 on January 23, 2008

Two things. First, there are two screens up in the photo area from Space Siege, Gas Powered Games’ and Chris Taylor’s spiritual sequel to Dungeon Siege (I still have to finish the second DS by the way. Shame on me). I know, it looks like Dungeon Siege in space with a slight graphics boost, but I’m ok with that. Except they say there will be an emphasis on story? Um. Maybe. Next, IGN has a blog entry up from Todd Howard Executive Producer over at Bethesda, and thus someone who will be extremely important to Fallout 3, which I am refraining from posting photos of until they have new ones, that don’t remind me too much of Oblivion. Anyway, it is an interesting post, and I like how he posts the original Fallout team’s goals for the first game. Hope, hope, hope for an awesome game, and hope that Liam Nesson doesn’t get murdered by Dark Assassin’s in the first 20 minutes. I’m so cynical and predictable.


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