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Nice Things Are Nicer Than Nasty Ones

Posted by deckard47 on January 12, 2008

The appearance of an Xbox 360 in my room (and the subsequent awesomeness that is Mass Effect) is a two-part story. First, I called Gamestop to see what their stock is: they have one left. I go in 20 minutes later, and ask again to see it so I can buy it. The guy tells me that they have been sold out for two months. Now, I had called 2 other places before this, so I thought maybe I got the numbers switched in my head. But no, what happened is, they sold it in those 20 minutes, and decided (or were forced to by company policy) to tell me they were like, totally sold out, probably so the 360’s looked like they were super popular. Maybe. I’d like to think that they had to, because of their instructions, and that the guy wasn’t being an asshole. But then he did something unrelated that was an asshole thing to do. When I was greeted with the “sold out” line, I was obviously taken aback. I think I asked “oh, you mean it got sold in the last half hour since I called?” in a completely normal, questioning voice. I was honestly confused. The guy cuts me off and says “no we have been sold out for a month.” Whatever, guy.

Oh, and this is also the Gamestop where I asked how much HDMI cables were (70$), and then decided not to buy them, since I can get them for 10 dollars on Newegg. In response to my decision, the guys there got really angry at me, and told me that I could always go to Comp USA and get one for 150$. Oh wait, yeah, so I should feel better about you ripping me off, because Comp USA wants screw me over even worse? Brilliant thinking. I am asking them if it would be ok if I threw 70 whole dollars at them, for some ludicrously priced “gold plated” wires, and they get all snippy with me? I realize that these stories are nothing compared to the other horror stories I hear about EB, Gamestop and other places, but still. Losers. Honestly, unless I can help it, all future gaming purchases shall be made online or at Best Buy. They know how to treat a customer right over there, yes indeed.

Ok, so now for the 360 part of the story.

So, to make a long story short, I get the 360, but there is a small problem. Despite the fact that I have Mass Effect, there is no gaming. Why? Because, the brilliant Xbox 360 designers decided to place the HDMi port and the AV cable port right on top of each other. No big deal, right? Actually, it was a huge deal, because the 360’s AV plug is the size of Antarctica. So, since my moniter only takes HDMI and has no speakers, I suddenly have no sound, because I can’t fit both the HDMI and AV cable in there to connect to my speakers and moniter. I ended up going to the local Gamestop to get a VGA/AV adapter, and now everything runs out of the same cord. Very nice, but it was some clever thinking on Microsoft’s part. By the way, I will point out that this is not an issue for my PS3.

Finally, the most important part of the post. The Mass Effect part. It is amazing, the conversations rock, the writing is good, Keith David rocks all over the place (oh, and it looks like he often does this in video games, so good for him). Deanna Troi has made a small appearance, and the cutscenes are, amazingly, cinematic. That last is actually what is impressing me the most right now. Aside from Drake’s Fortune, nothing else has ever felt so movie-like to me. I will write more about it, but c’mon, just writing this is distracting me from it. Gotta go.


4 Responses to “Nice Things Are Nicer Than Nasty Ones”

  1. silvercube said

    Gamestop does have its issues, that is for sure.

    Once in awhile there are some nice employees there.

    I’m happy you like Mass Effect.

    Did you hook up your 360 online?

  2. deckard47 said

    Yeah, there are nice ones at the other one in my town, which is my preferred retailer. I don’t have the 360 online yet, due to issues regarding cable modem/portability of monitor problems. Soon though, I need the world to know about my awesome 260 gamer points that I’ve gotten from Mass Effect quests.

  3. L-Cons said

    Dude, you know what would have prevented all of these problems? If you bought an actual fucking TV as opposed to a monitor!

  4. deckard47 said

    Hey I would, but it’s the difference between 200 dollars and around a thousand. Plus, I don’t need something big, Mr. L-con. Although the lack of a proper HDMI cable has been somewhat problematic.

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