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Steam Plus Rockstar=Dealz

Posted by deckard47 on January 7, 2008

So I am sure you all know this, but if you don’t, Steam just released a whole ton of Rockstar games on their service. I like some of these games, but if you want a really overdone “noir” kind of bullet-time game, get Max Payne and Max Payne 2. They both focus on very narrow elements of film noir styles (mostly bad metaphores and plotlines), but despite this, both are very fun, and better than a lot of “mature” gaming out there. Kind of.


One Response to “Steam Plus Rockstar=Dealz”

  1. silvercube said

    I got Max Payne for the original xbox a few months ago and the game has aged really bad.
    Graphics are a mess.
    Good game a few years ago.
    If Rockstar had used a different graphic style, it would have been more playable..
    That’s what I like about TF2.. the graphics are made in a way that even 10 years from now I would not play the game and say “augh, bad graphics!”

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