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Jade Empire: First Hour or so

Posted by deckard47 on January 7, 2008

As the title of this post implies (do I start out a lot of these like that?), I am an hour or two into Jade Empire: Special Edition for the PC. Here’s what’s up. If you like Bioware games, you will be instantly at home. I mean, I spent the first 45 minutes talking to everyone I could, exhausting all dialogue trees (and gaining experience for doing so!). Pretty sweet. Then, some evil spirit warriors got conjured by an evil assassin and my Master kicked their asses. Also cool.

In general, it’s shaping up to be pretty fun, although I am definitely learning my way through the combat/leveling system much slower than I normally do. The game looks pretty good, for an older Xbox port (I think they spruced it up a bit for the new PC release), except the cutscenes, which got no attention, and thus are outclassed even by the original KOTOR cutscenes. Whatever.

Finally, everyone should know that Nathan Fillion makes an appearance as an important first chapter character. I know, can dreams really be made true that easily. He is rocking some weird speech patterns, but he slips into familiar Nathan Fillion talk pretty fast. He makes a really great bad guy, and he tries a lot harder than some of the actors. Good for him, cause he will probably never do this kind of work again. Which is sad. Anyway, all told, it looks like it will be fun, I’ll probably play through again as a bad guy (or agressive or whatever the idea is). My Rock Band review should be up soon, but who can say.


2 Responses to “Jade Empire: First Hour or so”

  1. silvercube said

    I had Jade Empire on my original xbox… lol too much text for me… I would have been interested in it more if it was Final Fantasy. Now thats RPG.
    (but to be honest, they are two different games completely)

    LOL, nice switching topics.. yeah Jade Empire blah blah… Oooooh Rock Band! 0.o Haha, hilarious.

  2. terry said

    Jade Empire is awesome and has some of the best minigames. I’m glad that there’s a sequel planned.

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