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Blog Banter: New Year’s Resolution

Posted by deckard47 on January 5, 2008

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I normally don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, and this isn’t really a resolution, to be honest. This is more like a long-term goal, one which is going to remain first and foremost in my mind for a good long time. I’m going to be starting an internship at a newspaper this January, a job which I hope will somewhat prepare me to get a job as a video games journalist. Essentially, my goal this year is to do my job at this newspaper, all while trying to make connections in the video games journalism industry, and submitting various articles to as many internet and print publications as possible. 

It’s pretty hard to get hired, even as a freelance journalist, so for now I am sending in articles to smaller internet publications, most of which don’t even pay their contributors. Still, this is the only way to get published anywhere that is even remotely game related (aside from here, which isn’t exactly publishing), and thus build up a portfolio of work. So, I guess my resolution is to write as often and well as is possible, and not be fatigued or disappointed by the rejections that I’m sure I’ll be receiving right out of the gate. Oh, and of course I’ll need to balance this with my school schedule, and the absolutely necessary (professionally) playing of video games. It should be all kinds of fun.


8 Responses to “Blog Banter: New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Cat said

    Yeah, I’ve got some friends who are trying to make it in freelance. It’s not easy, but I guess it’s just something you need to stick to.

    Good Luck with your internship.

  2. bs angel said

    That’s an excellent resolution. You’ll have to keep me updated. What sort of stuff in particular do you enjoy writing about? A certain genre? Reviews? Editorials?

  3. silvercube said

    I believe you and I are really close in goals in life.
    I too, am in college- getting a degree in English to become a video game journalist.
    I write reviews on Loading, and yeah its all free stuff.
    I am part of our school newspaper, and secretary in psych club… i don’t really have a real job yet.
    Hopefully both of our lives will end up well.
    I do love writing and video games : )

  4. silvercube said

    Thanks for the drop by as well!

    To be honest (I’m gonna get in trouble here)

    I read everyone’s blog banter- and I really liked yours over many others.

    Do you have xbox live or a wii?

    feel free to add me. ^_^

  5. silvercube said

    “….and not be fatigued or disappointed by the rejections that I’m sure I’ll be receiving right out of the gate. ”
    Well, if people look at your writing how I look at yours, I am sure you will be hired quite soon!
    Hopefully I won’t receive much rejection… I have already had enough of that in my early years…being a twin brother was not as fun as they say…

  6. terry said

    Best of luck to you. I know the people at MobyGames were looking for more original content for their featured articles.

  7. johpan said

    I wish I had the drive to go into tech/gaming journalism but I just can’t see myself doing it as a profession. I prefer doing the whole blogging thing since I don’t have to answer to anyone on blog content (unless it’s copyright of course… o_o).

    Best of luck in the future!

  8. deckard47 said

    Thank you to everyone for the comments, it’s always nice to know that other people are in the same situation and are giving it a shot.

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