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Rock Band is sooooo Expensive

Posted by deckard47 on December 10, 2007

As someone who always laughed at Guitar Hero and its carefully manufactured “extremeness” (plus the fact that it is a music/rhythm game), I always figured I would dislike Rock Band. However, the fact that you can make a band now (as opposed to some bullshit head-to-head stuff, which I always lose at) is very attractive. As someone who is always trying to get friends to play games, the idea that me and a friend (or friends) could form some faux-band and rock out different venues definitely interests me. Honestly, their song selection is not the most amazing. I don’t care about a lot of Rock, and they don’t have enough Marcy Playground, Audioslave and White Stripes to appease me… I am selective, or “boring” as friends have called me. If they had expansion packs in the Singstar vein, you know, Rock Band Europop (icky), Rock Band French Hip-Hop, Rock Band Bollywood, Rock Band Irish Rap (which is amazing). That would rule. Probably will never happen though, there are too many of you boring, young middle-aged white guys out there clamoring for more Skynyrd or AC/DC or some shit. I mean, I like those bands, but sometimes I crave some variety, something without beast guitar riffs or really bad hair. Oh well. As a parting shot, I don’t think anyone can argue with me when I say that the works of MC Solaar or the song Kajra re (what can I say, I am very boring) should totally be on Rock band’s list.


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